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"My marriage was inevitably heading for a divorce. The stress and trauma was effecting my entire family and I was devastated with depression...After beginning work with Malina within a few days me and my husband began to communicate and connect again we resolved all of our issues and saved our family from breaking apart. That was six years ago since then we had our third child and are living everyday in peace and happiness I would recommend Psychic Malina to anyone". Thank you Malina and God Bless."
- Sarah M
"I was in a twelve year relationship during those twelve years we had been through several separations. Since the past three years we had lost all confidence and trust in one another. The same passion that had drawn us to one another had disappeared from our lives completely. He began to distance himself away from me and our love, sex life, communication and overall happiness seemed impossible to regain. Malina worked on our case for five days and we immediately began to rekindle our lost romance and grow closer then ever to each other. We were married last year in august and I am forever thankful to Malina she is truly gifted and amazing." Thank you Malina.
-Mary T
"Me and my wife had been married for 17 years. I married my high school sweetheart we were happy and in love since day one. Four years ago my wife began an affair with a very good friend of mine I am not sure what was more confusing or painful the fact that I was losing my wife, or my best friend. The situation was very stressful on all of us all we wanted to do was save our marriage. I felt alone, betrayed, confused and depressed. A friend of mine referred me to Psychic Malina I was very impressed with her reading but I was touched by the way she took a personal interest in my situation and offered me help...I felt I had nothing to lose so I began working with Psychic Malina and within a week me and my wife were back the way we were and our love is stronger than ever. I want to thank you Malina for saving my marriage but also for saving me."
-Joseph S.
"I have had a lot of psychic and tarot readings over the years but Never has anyone connected with me and my situation so well. I did not give Malina any information before she began to read me and her insight was amazing! She is unique, gifted and caring. Through her helpful insight and advice I was able to avoid a terrible separation with my boyfriend. Very accurate I would recommend Malina to anyone who wants the truth plain and simple."
-Ashley F.
"I had a reading with Malina, a few months ago. She truly amazed me with how she was able to tap into specific details about my past, present, & future. She helped me regain my confidence. I plan to call her again soon for a more in depth reading. I highly recommend her for a private session. You wont be disappointed!"
- Shannon G.
"Malina, was fantastic. I and some friends used Malina, for some advice. Each of our readings was unique and entirely specific to our own lives. One friend eve had(happy)tears. The overall experience was both exhilarating and impressive. Every card she turned over acknowledged another sport-on description of some aspect of my life. I would highly recommend her, and look forward to using her again. "
-Kelly L
"If you want a great psychic experience, Malina is the Psychic for you. Her life force seems to give her an edge over the other psychics. Full of energy, sensitivity, sensuality, warmth and wisdom, Malina, will go right to the heart of your needs. This woman is amazing!"
-Sherri Marshall
"I met Malina, and we immediately connected. Malina, gave me the answers to questions that I had always kept private. It was truly and impressive and unforgettable experience! "
- Anne Burnett
"I've had two private readings with Malina, an am truly impressed with her psychic abilities. She's helped me understand things about myself that I wasn't aware of. I've come to rely on her counsel in every aspect of my life. I highly recommend a reading with Malina. You won't be disappointed."
-Kate B

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